How to Make Money with Car Boot Sales

A “car boot sale” is when people sell items from the trunks of their cars or a card table on the lawn. This event is also known as a “garage sale,” “yard sale,” or “rummage sale.”

Holding a car boot sale while decluttering your home is an excellent way to earn money. You have the option of organizing your event or hiring a professional to do it for you.

Step 1: Describe what you’re trying to sell.

All you need to get started is an idea of what you want to sell and how much it will cost. Many people believe that selling children’s clothing is one of the most profitable items on the market today. You can make extra money by selling items in your home that are no longer needed. If you are serious about making money, car boot sales can be profitable. You can find good things by going to other garage sales or buying from stores that get rid of their old stock.

Step 2: How are you going to sell?

Decide how and how much you will sell your items. For example, will you buy in bulk and then divide the bundles into smaller portions? Alternatively, do you intend to sell a single item at a time?

Another essential factor to consider is how you will publicize your event and where you will hold it. There are several platforms to choose from, such as social media websites or high-traffic websites. Please make a list of potential locations before you begin filming so that you can contact them and request permission.

Step 3: Prepare Yourself

How much will it cost you to get your items ready for sale, and how long will it take? Is there anything else you need to do before putting the things up for sale, aside from cleaning and storing them properly?

Prepare adequately before the car boot sale, so you’re on top of everything on the day of the event.

Step 4: Set a sale date.

As you greet the buyers, smile and start counting your notes, hoping that you won’t have to bring anything back home after the garage sale is over.


If you need to earn some extra income, car boot sales are a great way to do so. You can also get involved in your community by hosting or attending one of them this year!

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