7 Ways to Make Money from Blogging

Making money with a blog is no different from making money with any other online or offline endeavour. As a result, it will take time and a lot of effort.

However, there are some advantages to blogging. It enables you to write about a topic about which you are enthusiastic, work from anywhere and at any time, network with a wide range of interesting people, and grow into a legitimate business.

If you want to make a lot of money from your blog, you’ll need to have both quality and quantity of content. When you have a sufficient amount of traffic, it is time to monetise your site.

Digital Products

Creating digital products is the simplest method to begin earning money while building a network through your blog. You can make a wide range of digital items, including E-books, Reports Template collections or single templates, Checklists and workbooks, Email courses or video courses, Podcasts (series) Videos (single or series).

Site for members

A membership site is another simple way to monetise your site. Your public material draws readers in and provides quick access to information related to your blog topic: The true enthusiast should be more than willing to sign up for your blog Membership site and pay for private access to unique resources, your attention, professional guest speakers, or other benefits.

Blog review

When you run a true and honest, impartial review blog, you give a valuable service. You also become the review blog that people visit first after they realise how valuable your reviews are.
These are the people who will purchase after clicking on your link.

A blog for portfolio

If your business incorporates graphics, you can utilise your blog as a portfolio by optimising a WordPress theme for portfolio display.

Blog about service

Maintaining a blog, whether your business is offline or online, is a terrific approach to assist consumers in determining if they want to evaluate your services.
You may elegantly separate your blog into regions that users can quickly select, saving them time searching through entries. You can, for example, be generous and include a list of resources that you find useful – and that your potential clients will as well.
You can include estimate or quote forms, as well as postings that will be useful to your prospective clients. (Investing time in offering helpful blogs and resources creates trust.) Consider interviewing professionals as well – the exposure you will gain will help you expand your business swiftly.
And if you can include a “Pricing” or “Services” page – as well as set up or accept payments.

Marketing Through Affiliates

Affiliate marketing necessitates the proper personality – not necessarily someone who can “sell,” but someone who can enthusiastically talk about a passion and deliver it delicately, in a way that makes people thank the blogger for assisting them in finding what they are looking for.
If you decide to start an affiliate blog, do your best to learn how to do so – and what legal (and Google) standards you must follow.

A Blog About Personal Branding

Are you a trainer? Are you a writer? If so, this is the blog for you. Write about your chosen topic: For example, if you write mysteries, you can talk about the craft of writing in general, or about mystery writing in particular, or even on a specific mystery genre.
If you’re a coach, you can present a series of articles that your future clients will find useful. Please make certain that they are of high value. Include free materials, FAQs, or any other digital item you can think of, including links and advertisements for your paid courses, membership sites, and eBooks.


Making money with blogging is only limited by your imagination (and the occasional law). Still, if you want to work from home, it may be a terrific way to make a living or enhance your business.

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